Get rewarded for discovering and rating new music

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Get rewarded for discovering new music

Centimeter is the mobile app that is a new way to listen to music you love. Find new songs, rediscover old favorites, and earn rewards.

Choose music

Just choose the genres you like and we'll find songs from our database of 100s of 1000s of pieces of great music.

Rate music

Listen to the songs we find and tell us what you think. Like them or loathe them, we'd love to know!

Get rewards

Earning rewards is simple. Every time you rate a bundle of songs, we'll give you points that you can redeem against real world rewards, such as songs, or apps.

It's the new way to play

Centimeter is a great fun way of getting rewarded for doing stuff you love doing anyway...

When you choose your favourite genres we will give you back a selection of songs. It's a great way to discover new music.

Your ratings help us send you songs you love and help us know what kind of music people are really into.

And what's best is that the more your rate, the more rewards you'll collect so you get rewarded just for listening to stuff you love. Really!


The Centimeter App - coming soon